Olimpics , Hunting, Fishing , Sport

Olimpic’s , a leading provider of Outdoor is located on the outskirts of Florence, three minutes from the Firenze South. Its large showroom has always been considered “the Land of Toys” for hunting enthusiasts, fishing, dogs, etc ..


The owner is founder Mario Falciani designer of the famous machine for loading cartridges. Family Falciani, with Mario always been at the helm of command, runs it with passion and a lot of expertise, along with daughters Sabrina and Silvia.Olimpic’s many years produces articles and clothing for hunting, and since its inception the company has always characterized by the high quality of all its products, coming to

represent a point of reference for the sector and gaining the respect and trust of many customers from all over the province of Florence.

At the entrance of the Show Room, the visitor is immediately struck by passionate irresistible attraction for the quantity and quality of the material on display.
In particular you will find:

clothing for hunting and fishing
accessories and equipment
cages, cartridge belts and haversack
production of personalized items
equipment refill cartridges
trekking shoes and rubber boots
bags and cases hunting
baskets mushrooms
torches and binoculars

The shop is only the best brands on the market and for specific items or needs has an internal production department.

All you can serve impassioned Olimpic’s offers it to prices and quality indisputable: in the vast showroom, the hunter and angler are all that can serve to satisfy the sporting passion. Also for what concerns the cinofilia products are many, including cages for cars and outdoor cages.

If you are looking for a competent and professional shop where to find quality products, but also advice and some good advice, Olimpic’s is the place!